Top Compliance Podcasts Worth Your Subscription


With compliance becoming a pivotal business consideration, professionals are left scrambling to stay updated with the evolving demands of ‘compliance’. We’ve compiled our top podcasts that promise to keep you updated. Each uniquely span compliance from expert hosts who truly know the industry.

     1. FCPA Compliance Report

With his 35 years of law experience, the Compliance Evangelist Tom Fox somewhat monopolises the compliance podcast circuit and is undoubtably the most active compliance podcaster. He even founded the Compliance Podcast Network. The FCPA Compliance Report is a listen that keeps you in-the-know with latest in anti-bribery, corruption and beyond.

Listen to FCPA Compliance Report here.

     2. Daily Compliance News

As the name suggests, Daily Compliance News is exactly that – a five to six-minute daily roundup of the latest compliance happenings. Updates can cover anything from Estonia money-laundering scandals to corruption in Afghanistan. The topics are broad and leave you compliance-aware on a global scale and daily basis.

Listen to Daily Compliance News here.

     3. Compliance in the Weeds

This podcast comes from Tom Fox and Matt Kelly. It is the only weekly podcast which deep dives compliance or as they like to say they dive “into the weeds to more fully explore a subject”. These twenty to thirty-minute podcasts look deep into a single topic, and with over 140 episodes there is plenty of back listening to keep you busy.

Listen to Compliance in the Weeds here.

     4. Everything Compliance

Tom Fox (when does he sleep?) hosts Everything Compliance alongside Mike Volkov, Matt Kelly, Jonathan Armstrong, Jay Rosen and Sarah Hadden. This bi-monthly podcast takes a round-table approach, sharing commentary from some of the industry's leading professionals. This podcast promises diverse perspectives and plenty of debates.

Listen to Everything Compliance here.

     5. Innovation in Compliance with Tom Fox

Another one from Tom Fox, this podcast sits down with professionals who share Tom’s passion for innovating compliance. Here from the likes of David Bunker, Compliance Officer for Vulcan Inc., and Ernst & Young partner Vince Walden.

Listen to Innovation in Compliance with Tom Fox here.

     6. Great Women in Compliance

Mary Shirley and Lisa Fine are making strides to break down compliance gender barriers. Their podcast sits down with influential women from all fields within compliance. As two highly experienced compliance experts their views are refreshing and insightful.

Listen to Great Women in Compliance here.

     7. Culture of Compliance

Frazier & Deeter, a nationally recognized CPA and advisory firm, looks at the competitive advantages of compliance. A sustainable “culture of compliance” in today’s workplace forms the basis of this podcast.

Listen to Culture of Compliance here.

     9. Corruption, Crime & Compliance

Michael Volkov hosts this podcast, and as the name would suggest it tackles issues of corruption, crime and compliance in the legal realm. The podcast explores those topical issues, episodes cover the upcoming California Consumer Privacy Act (Episode 106) to managing supply change risk (Episode 103).

Listen to Corruption, Crime & Compliance here.

     10. What’s Ethical

Lead by CEO and founder of Warburton Advisers Beth Haddock. This podcast tackles ethical dilemmas from the perspective of thought leaders and delves into how these experts stay ahead of “fudge-factor thinking”.

Listen to What’s Ethical here.

Is your favourite podcast missing from our list? We are always hunting for new listens. Let us know your top compliance podcasts here.

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