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  • London is the biggest financial centre in Europe, but Germany is scoring highly in the post-Brexit popularity stakes, causing a surge in compliance opportunities.
  • Most major UK cities offer excellent compliance opportunities thanks to the clustering of businesses, financial institutions, and regulatory bodies in multiple places.
  • When you work in compliance, you’ll encounter a broad range of people ranging from your own colleagues to external regulators. Most of them will be courteous and cooperative, but in this type of work, conflict can arise when people don’t see eye to eye.
  • Regulatory Compliance is critical role across a variety of industries. Here we explore some of the key aspects of regulatory compliance careers in the US, so you can make informed decisions about the next step on your career path.
  • Skilled compliance professionals are in demand all over the world, but the best location for your move will depend on your technical skills and area of expertise.
  • After UK vacancies hit record levels last year, we look at what is influencing Compliance salaries and Compliance recruitment in 2023.
  • The Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act sets out standards to help make financial reporting more transparent in order to protect investors, but how does it work?
  • It might seem challenging at first, but getting a compliance job when you don’t work in compliance is more achievable than you think.
  • As ever, there is a seemingly straightforward answer to the question of what qualifications are needed to work in Compliance, along with a less straightforward one. We look at what the best options are according to your career plans.
  • The compliance professional has become indispensable to the successful and safe running of a business. Here are five reasons to join this noble profession and start your career in compliance.
  • As last year’s geopolitical shocks showed, forecasts can quickly change due to unforeseen events. However, some clear industry trends for 2023 are emerging, and we can start to make some confident predictions about the likely challenges and opportunities for compliance departments in the year ahead.
  • As one of the world’s leading financial centres, London is a great place to find compliance jobs. We take a closer look at the types of compliance roles available, their challenges and responsibilities, and what you can expect to earn in the UK capital.
  • You could assume that the role and responsibilities of a Money Laundering Reporting Officer extend no further than the job title itself, however this is a role that does more than it says on the tin.
  • Is corporate governance the same as compliance? The simple answer is no – but they are closely linked. So, how do these related areas work together and what roles are available for those looking to pursue a career in Governance or Compliance?
  • No single profession is going to suit everyone, but in our view there are four reasons why many should find the prospect of a career in Compliance an attractive one.
  • Expectations of compliance professionals grow and expand as they move up in seniority. Meeting these requires developing a wider range of more nuanced soft skills.
  • The role of the Compliance Officer has evolved this century from a bolt-on middle-management position to an essential full-time job amid ever-changing and escalating regulatory demands. We look at what the role entails and how to set yourself up for success.
  • How is the compliance recruitment market rebounding from the trials of 2020 and what is influencing compliance salaries and compliance recruitment in 2022?
  • Together with the evolution of data analytics and the sheer volume of data generated on a daily basis, the demand for experts in the field of AML (Anti Money Laundering) has risen exponentially.
  • We all know that Chief Compliance Officer is an important role at the top of the compliance pecking order, but what does a CCO actually do?