Job Types Focus

  • Together with the evolution of data analytics and the sheer volume of data generated on a daily basis, the demand for experts in the field of AML (Anti Money Laundering) has risen exponentially.
  • We all know that Chief Compliance Officer is an important role at the top of the compliance pecking order, but what does a CCO actually do?
  • As in many professions that have the capability to be reactive, working in compliance does not typically afford one a standard 9 to 5. The usual routine may begin with the checking of emails and calendar, but the contents of certainly one’s inbox is liable to direct the activity of the day.
  • Compliance is a broad profession so to identify the types of roles you can find within its scope is not a simple task. In this article we look at three key areas in which compliance jobs hold rank.
  • It may seem like a narrow pathway but in reality working in compliance offers impressive variety.
  • When working up the compliance career ladder, the role of Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) is an aspiration position at the top of the profession.
  • There is a very faint line distinguishing regulatory roles from jobs in compliance as fundamentally they share a common goal. That goal is ensuring an organisation adheres to the relevant legal guidelines, policies, processes and specifications expected of its business.
  • For those applying for compliance jobs and roles in risk in the current business climate, an added insight into regulatory events, trends and standards is also key to landing a role
  • While it’s true, the shadow of Brexit is casting an air of uncertainty over jobs in the UK, compliance is perhaps one of the few areas in the financial services industry that remains strong with regards hiring.